The Zine
Your Right Brain
Has Come To
The Right Place

It’s Here

The first issue of Brain Flower is here! Created by Graphic Design students at College of DuPage, the zine is a compilation of the best illustration work created by COD students. We’d love to share more about our brainy beginnings.

Get Inspired

Brain Flower was made to inspire. From digital to hand drawn, the work by our students is meant to get others thinking about art and eager to tap into their own creativity. We’ve put our best work out we challenge you to do the same!

We’re E-Nerds

We love to connect with other artists via social media. Visit our blog to interact with creatives, get updates on the latest issue of Brain Flower, and learn about upcoming calls for entries to submit your art. Connect with us...and stay inspired!

We Have Issues

Enough talk. It’s time for you to see for yourself what all the hype is about. Brain Flower is available now in digital format for you to read and share with others.


Get free issues of Brain Flower here!